Road Freight vs Rail Freight: Which One is Best?

Road Freight vs Rail Freight: Which One is Best?

The mode of transportation you choose is an important consideration when it comes to planning the shipment process. Not only because of the costs, but other factors need careful evaluation, such as the urgency, value, and size of the goods that are to be shipped.

We at PRECISE LOGISTICS FREIGHT (a certified provider of Freight Carrier Services in Chicago, Illinois) want to help you determine what is best to transport your cargo: road or rail.

Road Freight
The most common of all transportation modes is road freight. It is widely used in the continents of Europe, Africa, and North America. And its single customs document process offers a seamless movement of cargo even across various states.

Road Freight Shipping in Illinois offers several advantages, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Quick and scheduled delivery
  • Track and trace cargo and truck
  • Temp Controlled Freight containers

Rail Freight
In the Logistics Industry, rail freight is popular for being one of the “greener options” of transportation. Trains burn less fuel per ton-mile compared to road vehicles. On average, longer journeys tend to be less expensive by rail, and shorter journeys are less costly by road.

Other key benefits of rail freight include:

  • Reliable transit times and schedules
  • Railroads are the most efficient form of land transportation
  • Fast and cost-effective deliveries over long distances
  • Traditionally has a strong safety record.

The Bottomline
Although you may certainly gain many benefits from either of the choices, both have varying purposes, and it’s your responsibility to decide which service fits your needs best. If you need help deciding which transportation mode to choose, please don’t hesitate to contact us, here.

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